Driving School FAQs

Not sure if you're comfortable driving on a track? We've addressed some common concerns about HPDE's below:

I’m afraid I will hurt my car.
Novice drivers spend the morning of the first day in classroom session and driving exercises off the track learning vehicle dynamics. The class and exercises are designed to enhance your car control skills and knowledge of your car. During these driving exercises you drive your own car and have club instructors assist in developing better driving skills. This provides helpful input to ensure you get the most out of the experience as you prepare to move to the track environment. For extra peace of mind, many drivers take out supplemental insurance policies for a nominal fee. Companies like Lockton Affinity provide specialized coverage for HPDEs.

What if I can’t keep up? A track seems like such an intimidating environment.
After the car control sessions the balance of the learning is on the track. Run groups are established to allow students to be on track with other drivers of similar experience. At most events first-timers are only on the track with other first-timers, and novice students always have an instructor in the car during track sessions. Passing is allowed only on designated sections of the course and under controlled circumstances, making for as safe of an environment as possible.

My car isn’t a race car; it’s totally stock, right from the dealer.
If your car is totally stock, you’ll be in good company; that’s the way most who are just getting started with HPDE driving are. And other than making sure your car is in proper running order (tires-brakes-oil-etc) you don’t need to do anything extraordinary before coming to an event.

Am I going to wear out my brakes and tires?
It’s very unlikely that you will run through your street tires or brakes at your first event. Novice drivers tend to be very conservative and cautious. This translates to minimal wear and tear on your car, its brakes and tires.

Do women come to these events?
Absolutely! Women usually make up 25-30% of the first-timers group, and many return for event after event. The club has several women instructors as well.

I'm not a member.
These events are for members only, but joining the club is fast, easy and inexpensive. In addition to getting access to events such as this, members also get discounts at a variety of dealers and vendors. All Audi Club North America driving events require an insurance certificate, and since only members are covered, it is imperative that all drivers are active ACNA members. These certificates provide liability coverage for the club, so remember you are ultimately responsible for yourself and your vehicle.

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